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Jesus’ road to the cross

John 13:1-17, Luke 22:1-34

The question again: What if what happened then changes everything now?

Some following questions for us as leaders: If what happened then is Truth, has it changed us? Are we willing to change? Do we have a problem with risk? Do we need to change? Have we changed? What if?

So here we go. Many times we don’t combine both of these stories, Washing of the Disciple’s Feet and The Last Supper, but they are part of the same story. John writes that Jesus opens up the evening of the “last supper” by washing the disciple’s feet. It’s not just possibly the last of many illustrations Jesus made during his life on this planet, its directly setting up what is going to happen within the next 72+ hours. Jesus is about to be nailed to the cross, and He, the King of the Universe, bows down and washes the dirty feet of the disciples.

Why? Why did he do that? Was it just an action oriented parable about seeing everyone was important over yourself? I don’t think so. These notes are going to be short today because I’m not sure there’s much to say beyond my next thought. Do you think that the disciples thought about the fact that Jesus washed their feet even while struggling over his quickly approaching torture and death? Did it mean more than serving others…even when it seems demeaning? I think it’s these things and more.

These disciples had previously asked about who was the greatest…and next…and next… They had, as many humans might, wondered about who was important, who had status, and who had purpose. Jesus is about to leave these men, and soon many more than just the 12, His Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God and all its power would reside in these men and in the lives of the soon to be church for the purpose of selflessly building the Kingdom. Jesus had to show them quickly that this is not about status or about power or about importance. Serve one another…and serve others…it’s not about you. It is about the Glory of God and His grace.

Do we live boldly and in truth along with this kind of humbleness? Do people see us as feet washers or as something else? If others don’t see it, these events in the books of John and Luke might not have changed us. I believe it is that simple.

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