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My Life Can Change

Matt 26:36-27:10, John 21:15-19

This week, we,re focusing on the two circumstances of Peter and Judas. First, both denied Christ. Judas denied Him by turning him into the authorities…obviously stating that this Jesus was not the Christ, but a bother to society…or Judas was just money hungry. Either way, Judas turned his back on Christ. Peter, 3 times, told people that he didn’t know Jesus. After the third time, Jesus turned from where he was standing and caught Peter’s stare. Peter’s guilt overcame him.

Now, we have to outcomes to these two decisions. Judas felt so guilty that he threw the money back to the priests saying that he should not have done this thing. He then, overcome with grief, committed suicide. Peter, well he stuck around. He was probably near when the crucifixion took place, but then quickly, along with the other disciples, locked himself in a house. At the word that Jesus tomb was empty, He and John ran to the place of burial to find it was empty. Some time later, Jesus was eating with his disciples and asked Peter if he loved Him….3 times. Significant? Yes.

Two men. Two different circumstances. Two different outcomes. Judas could not hang on to what he had done. Peter thought there might be hope for forgiveness.

Where are you? When you make bad choices, and you know it, do you ask for forgiveness and repent? Change is possible and a clean conscience is possible as well. Both come through Jesus. As we lead the people of this church family, will others see how we deal with bad judgment and choices? Will they see us holding on to Jesus and asking for forgiveness? Will they see us in true repentance…meaning that we do a U-Turn with our behavior? We can learn all about forgiveness and repentance, but until we experience it or see it in someone else’s life, we’ll never see it for what it truly is in Jesus.

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