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My Life Has a Plan

Psalm 80

How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage?

Why is it that people say they “slept like a baby” when babies wake up like every two hours?

Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?

If money doesn’t grow on trees then why do banks have branches?j

These are funny…and I’ll bet you can come up with more. Do you ever think about the questions Mary, the mother of Jesus, asked? ……..we’re making a quick transition now.

There’s no direct writings about this, but I’m sure she knew of the Old Testament prophesies about the Messiah. I’m sure she realized the importance of the child she was carrying when escaping to Egypt when the local leader wanted all baby boys murdered. I’m sure she was asking questions knowing that the two year old she was potty training was REALLY the Son of God. When He was actually teaching the rabbis in temple school, I’m sure she was wondering about the rumors of what He would become. Joseph had to be looking into the Scriptures to see what this boy under his care was all about. I would guess there wasn’t much talk about it when the “subject” came up.

I wonder what Mary thought of when she would hear Jesus’ cousin John the Baptist calling Him the Lamb of God. She knew what a “Lamb of God” was. It was the sacrifice for the sins of a family! I’m sure she was asking questions.

I wonder if she ever thought of the story of Abraham and Isaac. I’m positive she knew the story of her ancestor Abraham. I wonder if she ever thought she might be in a similar place to Abraham…she wasn’t the Father…but she was the momma. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac. Was she going to have to see her son Jesus in the same position? I’m sure she and her husband asked those questions.

There was a ‘plan of life’ that Jesus was following. I’m sure there were logical people who were following Jesus…some were disciples. Others may have been the women who were following. One might have been Mary. If God’s son was here with us, among us, then there must be a purpose and an ‘end game.’ What was it? I’m sure Mary knew in her heart where this was going. He was the Lamb. Lambs are killed for the purpose of forgiveness. He was perfect. He was unlike any child she was familiar with. He didn’t back down to danger or high risk. He was making those in authority upset. There were rumors of arrest and death to shut this person, her son, up.

We see so many people in this life lost as if without purpose or a plan. I just watched a John Maxwell video clip about successful people. He said that the first thing he notices about successful people is that they know what they’re here for. He said that there are two important days in a successful person’s life. One…when they were born. Two…when they figured out why.

Follow me here…we’re going to use a line of logic. If Jesus was born to die for us so we could live and be servants in a great Kingdom, then what’s that say about us? If we are servants in God’s Kingdom, then what’s that say about our daily life? If God provides us a daily life, do you think there are things, everyday, that He wants us to pray about or do? If there are things that God wants us to do every day, do we have purpose? I’m starting to let that sink into my being. Where ever I am or whatever I’m doing, I have a purpose. It might be the little thing I said to the telemarketer on the phone. It might have been the smile I gave to the gal in the Taco Bell drive through. It might be the sincere asking of “How has your day been?” to my daughter when she gets off the bus. It might be the prayer I said during lunch time for a friend.

I’m convinced that Life is not random. Do random things happen in life? Yes, but my plan of my life is not random. I have the purpose and plan of living a daily life so God is seen by many people.

Mary, I personally believe, knew this about her son Jesus. Yes, I believe it broke her heart. Yes, I believe she stayed awake at night with nightmares about what ‘might’ happen to her son. Yes, I believe that she was torn apart when the arrest took place. But I also think that Mary might be running around Heaven pointing to Jesus and telling people, “That’s my son…I’m so proud of Him. He’s also my savior.” When she was finally face to face before God, I’m sure that God said, “Well done servant.”

A leader has plans for followers. God is our leader and He really wants to say to us, “Well done servant.” As leaders, can we point to our Leader everyday so that other people see their plan in the story?

For Kids – I would just continue to tell the Easter story as we head into the big week. Next week is Palm Sunday…when Jesus entered Jerusalem with a huge party that drove the authorities nuts. Here are some different links I found that might help you with this one.

Parents will be watching the video which will take them from the beating of Jesus up to just before the cross is raised with Him on it. The focus is on how Mary felt through all of this…realizing that Jesus’ life really did have a plan and the plan was for all of us.

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