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Standing on the Promises

Teacher: What is your ambition?
Student: I want to be a Politician

Teacher: Why?
Student: Because I am very good at making false promises

This is one of my favorite sections of the Bible. It is where I believe God sets up the remainder of the Old Testament right up to the birth of Christ and beyond to the day you are reading this. The promises given to Abram/Abraham from God’s own lips are the foundation of God’s family and the church. In reality, you are a part of those promises as a believer in Jesus.

The verses listed above cover just 5 or so promises, depending on how you group them or count them. However, these same verses cover nearly 2000 of years. Abraham didn’t get to see all of them fulfilled. In fact, he really only got to see one of them fulfilled. I say “see” as in see them fulfilled here on Earth.

How a person keeps their promises shows who they really are. In the olden days…and sometimes today…a man’s word was as good as the handshake he gave. People who were trusted had a good name. If someone’s handshake was not well trusted, they had less than a good name. Simplicity ruled. A man was as good as his word…or the promises he fulfilled.

Being truthful with what you can do and with how you follow through is important. As Christian leaders, we are entrusted with the gift of the Holy Spirit and with the Gospel of Peace. We are to be the hands and feet of the One we represent. If people are to see the One who promises forgiveness and eternal life, they will see Him through us and our word and our faithfulness.

Do people trust you? Are you a person who is talked about in outside circles as one who keeps their word? Do you talk about people behind their back when they’ve trusted you with their words? Do you promise with the life you live to lift others above you; enemies and friends alike? Are you trusted? Are you called a ‘good man’ or ‘good lady’? I can only imagine that if Jesus lived in the times when people were heading westward in America, that He would be known throughout the towns as a ‘Good Man’…someone who you could trust your life with. And He is.

Can God be trusted? Yes, He can. Why? Because He keeps His word. He is entitled to Honor based on His character and performance with the promises He gives. He said He would rise from the dead. He did. Based on that, He can be trusted.

One of the most important characteristics of a leader is trust. People will follow someone who can be trusted.

We must not promise what we ought not, lest we be called on to perform what we cannot. ~Abraham Lincoln

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