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What Goes Around, Comes Around!

Genesis 29:15-30


“Honeyhttp://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/grey_loader.gif,” said this husband to his wife,
“I invited a friendhttp://kona.kontera.com/javascript/lib/imgs/grey_loader.gif home for supper.”
“What? Are you crazy? The house is a mess, I didn’t go shopping, all the dishes are dirty, and I don’t feel like cooking a fancy meal!”
“I know all that.”
“Then why did you invite a friend for supper?”
“Because the poor fool’s thinking about getting


I know, that’s an arrrgghhh joke. But if anyone had told Jacob what he was in for when he started to fall in love with Rachel, second thoughts might have crept in. I’m not completely positive about that, but they might have. In the end of this story, what we find is that not only is Jacob a ornery guy (as with his brother Esau), but he could be a very patient and committed person when he wanted to be.

Here’s Jacob, the new owner of the Blessing of God and a birthright that wasn’t his. However, he can’t stay around and farm with mom and dad because his brother is literally out to kill him (Gen 27:41). His mom and dad have made arrangements for him to leave (flee) to Haran. When Jacob gets there, he meets his cousin Rachel. She’s a sight! He helps her water her flocks, and tells her who he is…and probably admitting some of the recent stories from back home. She goes and get’s her dad, his uncle Laban. Laban is very pleased to have his nephew around, his own family. I’m someone certain that Laban sees a new worker, one who comes from the “blessed” line of Abraham as well. That’s just a guess though. Anyways, he opens up his home to Jacob, and Jacob jumps right in to help around the house and farm.

Laban appreciates Jacobs selfless work, and offers him payment. Jacob asks for Rachel’s hand in marriage. A deal is set that he must work 7 years for this payment, and Jacob agrees. Seven years of labor come and go, and the wedding night is at hand. The bride is dressed to impress, and Jacob probably can’t wait to say the “I do’s.” The bride meets Jacob, face and body covered modestly (as the custom was), and after the ceremony and wedding night, Jacob wakes up to a … well, the gal who he thought was going to be his new sister in-law. Leah is Jacob’s wife…?!

What does Jacob do?! He leaves Leah and runs off to tell his mom the whole story that his uncle Laban is a cheat. Well, no. It seems orneriness runs in this family, as Jacob finds out that Uncle Laban is up to no good…switched the brides right in front of his eyes. Laban simply says that it is not customary for the younger daughter to be married before the older. He offers Rachel, again, for 7 more years of work. Jacob sticks with Leah, even though he doesn’t love her like Rachel, and commits to the agreement. It seems as though he kept his integrity by not causing a big stir, going and spreading gossip about this family, and staying with his new wife to save her embarrassment as well. A week comes and goes and then Rachel is married to Jacob, and Jacob stays for 7 more years.

Think about all that could have happened here. Talk about having a rug pulled out from under you. I’m sure Jacob and thought through future plans for he and Rachel…considering the promise he had received from God while on his way to Haran (Gen 28:10). He had seven years to think this stuff through. And in the course of one honeymoon night, it all changed…and not by his doing. He stuck to his plan though. And God to His own as well. God’s plan was still moving. The promise was advancing. God’s heart was still where it had always been…to bring people back to him for eternity. Ornery people were not going to change it.

The reason we shouldn’t give up or give in when it comes to life’s unfairness, is because God is always moving ahead of us for our own good and for His plan to be accomplished. We just need to get back on the right road where we can be right with him. Do you think that God’s promise was always in Jacob’s mind? Do you think that’s where his “stick-to-it” attitude came from? He knew he was blessed with an incredible blessing and that God was with him wherever he went. I’m sure that gave him a confidence like non other.

Let’s admit it…Live stinks sometimes. Do we have that confidence as leaders in the Kingdom? Do we advance as though we are winners whatever happens to us, fair or unfair? Do we live as though we’ve already seen and received the most incredible blessing ever? When we do talk, listen, behave, decide, teach, work like we have, then others will see us and wonder what in the world drives us. They will see the blessing being lived out…and God will get to bless their shoes off through us.

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