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We’re a Family! :)

Unity and Harmony – John 17:20-21



A man solved the problem of too many visiting relatives. He borrowed money from the rich ones and loaned it to the poor ones. Now none of them come back.


Shake your family tree and watch the nuts fall!

If only people came with pull-down menus and on-line help…

Genealogy: Tracing yourself back to better people.

“Crazy” is a relative term in my family.


Families are funny. We all have great people in our families. We all have those that are a bit on the outside edge. We all have those that don’t want to be in the family. We all have those who are characters and some who don’t have any character. As my father in law says, “I guess it takes all kinds.”

The church is God’s family. It started way back in the Old Testament, with an I AM worshiper named Abram (later Abraham). Guess what? We have all kinds in this family. We have maturity and immaturity. We have wisdom and we have street smarts. We have money and we have lack of it. We have strengths and we have huge weaknesses. But we are all of the same Father who is Creator of alOur father owns it all. He can control all. And he took care of our misgivings with the gift of His Son Jesus. We’re a family. Families stick together, work together, forgive together, and dream together.

There are those family members that we choose not to talk to. Some of us like the spotlight and some like the background. There are some whose names are never spoken in public, and others who are never known outside of their little village. There are those who have written words famous through the ages, and those who have never spoken out loud. Some of us have amazing testimonies. Some of us grew up in the church family. Some of us were adopted as adults.

Jesus is our brother and our King and our mediator and our sacrifice. He’s also the one who prayed an incredible prayer for our whole family. John 17 records His words. He first prays for His closest friends, the disciples. He prays that they would work as one…as a unit…so that many more would hear the message and know the truth about God. Then, in verse 21, he begins to pray for all of us. Yes, Jesus prayed for you and me. He prayed that we would be united as well. He prayed that we would work together, in harmony, for His purposes. He prayed that we would be “one” as He and the Father are “one.”

Do you think we can work together? …even with our differences? Can we pull our strengths together and forget about our weaknesses? Can we lift each other up and edify (encourage) each other in ways that spurs the whole family to influence a community, a city? Can we? Jesus prayed for it. It must be possible.

Do we want to see incredible miracles take place in our neighborhoods? Do we want to see changes happen in our town that only can be labeled a “God Thing”? Do we? I think that the only way to judge that is going to be through our actions. Jesus said in v. 23 that if we worked and loved as one that the world would end up knowing that His story is true and that God loves them.

I guess it all comes down to what we really want out of our gathering together, out of our Bible studies together, out of our praise times together, out of our pot-lucks together. Do we just meet or do people around really see and feel that we really are a tight family directed by God. Sure, we can be seen as a good organization that cares about people. But I think Jesus raised the bar. He wants us to be seen as an unstoppable force of Love sent from Heaven to accomplish things that can only be credited to God. He wants us to be a family that has lots of stories of things that happen only because of God’s involvement and leadership and provision.

How do you see yourself in the family? How do you see the rest of the family? Do you value the church family? Jesus did…look how He prayed for us! Do your actions and words value what we can do together…with our strengths?

Love-Serve-Spread the Word,


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