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Where is your history leading you?


True Story of a Tourist

Mary Pembarthy, a guide at Windsor Castle, told Will and Guy this allegedly true story about what she heard last month when ‘on duty’.

Mary was struggling to make herself heard over the roar of low flying aircraft coming into land at nearby London Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest in the world.

She was interrupted by an elderly American tourist who demanded what was wrong with the town planners, and why had they built the Royal Castle so close to the airport.


Knowing history is an important thing. If not, you may end up saying something like this aloof tourist. Need I say more? Have you ever felt…when watching the news…that you just wish you knew more about what was going on and why? We hear of, and I believe we feel it in our gut, that our world is falling down around us. I worry for the kids in our world…our kids. The best I think we can do is to continue to walk with the values we proclaim. Those are Christ’s values. Those are God’s values.

There is something else that I wish we could get better at. Teaching history. I’m beginning to become a huge history fan. Not only because there are some great reads on huge battles…better than most action/adventure flicks of today, but because I can look back and say to myself, “Wow, if we act like they did then, the consequence will probably be similar.” History teaches us not only about where we came from, but it shows us a pattern of behavior and consequence.

It’s like me with my kids now. When they’re in the process of getting “in trouble,” Peach or I often end up saying, “Remember what happened the last time you did that?” We’re teaching them history.

God is heartbroken. God is speaking to Israel through the prophet Jeremiah. What a tough spot to be in. Israel has really walked far away from God. I mean, God’s word is not only not followed; it is not liked by many…even those in leadership. Jeremiah gets the joy of reminding Israel’s leaders and people that they have been in the wrong and God wants them back.

You know what it’s like to have someone tell you you’ve been in the wrong. Defenses rise. Humility is thrown out the window. Sometimes you want to fight back with your own words. Well, some in Israel listened. God says that most don’t even listen to His words spoken through His prophet. They don’t even WANT to hear what God has to say…and God is saying, “You’re headed for a cliff, and if you fall, you won’t live!” That would seem like a pretty important message to hear. Well, God had another word. He told them how to correct their position. He said to look back into history.

Israel had some great times with God. God was truly their leader. They truly relied on Him. He fed them and supplied them with everything they needed. He answered their prayers. They were known around the world as being the nation with a Mighty God. What a position to be in! God simply says, “Look back to the ancient roads and see what you’re missing now!”

These ancient roads can take us to where we should be. Andy Stanley has an incredible book that I’ve given away to some recent grads. It’s titled The Principle of the Path. Basically, he writes that every one of us is on a path…and we will go directly where that path leads. If life isn’t working for you, the principle of the path would say that you need to change paths. Some of us, me included, need to change paths in areas of our life. Maybe our whole life! I77 will take you to Florida. If you want to get to Mansfield, don’t take I77. If you want to get closer to God and His blessings, there’s a road for that. There’s also a road to take you away from Him as well. Where are you? Are you listening to history? Are you currently on the right path? History will show us where paths can lead.

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