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What evidence do people see?

I went to the doctor a few years ago. It was early morning. I thought I had a sinus infection…confirmed. The doctor decided that I could easily go ahead and do a regular blood test since I hadn’t eaten yet. A nurse called me at 9pm that night from Aultman hospital to see if I was ok. “Um, yeah,” was my response followed by a quick, “Why are you calling?” My blood test showed evidence of low blood sugar; extremely low blood sugar…coma patient levels. Evidence later confirmed that I have ‘situational hypoglycemia.’ My blood sugar numbers can plummet for no real reason at all.

A couple months ago, while driving down the road in our minivan, I noticed a slight lean to the back and to the right. After pulling into the driveway, I jumped out and walked around to the right-rear tire. Sure enough…I confirmed that it was low on air. The air compressor pumped away as the tire lifted. Two days later I noticed the same thing. Confirmed…the tire was low again. I turned into a one-day leak. But I couldn’t find where the air was escaping. Each day I woke up, went out to the garage, turned on the compressor and pumped up the tire. Fix A Flat to the rescue. I put a can of tire-leak repair slime into the tire, drove around for a couple minutes after bringing the tire up to the right air pressure. I had stopped the leak. Confirmation? I haven’t used the air compressor in over 2 weeks.

Stepping on the scales at the house, I noticed my weight was steadily increasing. Knowing a regular doctor’s appointment was coming up; I prepared myself for what she would say. I was gaining weight too fast. Blood tests followed within 6 months. A liver sonogram was the next procedure. Confirmation…I have a fatty liver. I am eating the wrong things and not participating in enough active activity (“exercise” just sounds too hard”). Actually, the confirmation was that I’m eating too many fatty things. It was amazing, the young lady operating the sonogram machine said this…and I’m trying to quote closely her words, “You don’t drink. You don’t smoke. Hmmmm. You don’t exercise a lot do you? Ah, do you like to eat fast food?” It was amazing. The she said, “I can tell just about anything about your lifestyle by looking at your liver.” Confirmation. McDonald’s French fries…adios.

My son is starting to play the drums. He’s got rhythm. He loves tapping and slapping and thumping and jumping in tune to just about any music. What will be the confirmation that he has practiced? If he gets better and can begin to play more complex beats…which will be confirmed by the band director’s grade for Micah and the way he performs in a concert setting.

What is ‘confirmation’ that you are growing in God? Reading the Bible isn’t necessarily confirmation. Attending Sunday morning services are not necessarily confirmation. Being a member of a Sunday school class or small group is not necessarily confirmation. Confirmation will be something that other people take note of. We are blessed to bless…other people. Confirmation will take form in our words, in our actions, in our thoughts. People around us will notice something that has changed. Work hard for confirmation.

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