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Making a difference in your school!



Our teacher talks to herself; does yours?
Yes, but she doesn’t realise it; she thinks we’re actually listening!


Teacher: How can you prove the world is round ?
Pupil: I didn’t say it was !


Teacher: Fred, I told you to write this poem out 10 times to improve your handwriting and you’ve only done it 7 times ?
Pupil: Looks like my counting isn’t too good either !


PUPIL: Teacher, would you punish me for something I didn’t do?
TEACHER: Of course not.
PUPIL: Good, because I didn’t do my homework.


TEACHER: This homework looks like your mothers writing.
PUPIL: Of course, I used her pen!




Hello! We’re in mid-September! Can you believe it? School buses have been traveling “all through the town” for more than a couple weeks already. I’m sure all of you parents have had a time of keeping up with all the paperwork and schedules and homework and lunch menus and … and … and etc. It’s about enough to drive a person mad. I know. I’m just about there. No jokes please. J I know what some of you are thinking.


So how do students and parents and community members make a difference in our schools? Students attend. Parents are connected usually only through their child. Community members without children attending the local schools are at an arm’s length. How do all of us contribute to showing Jesus to the public school community?


Students! We’ve basically covered you the last few weeks. Work hard. Study hard. Do those things as though Jesus were the one checking your homework. See the school as your own mission field that God has led you to. Pray for your teachers and friends. Plant Godly seeds in their hearts through your actions and words.


Parents. Wow, you have such a huge platform for God when you have a child in school. Having a wife as a school teacher, I can’t tell you how much she values parents that email her, call her, stop by the class, or volunteer in class. I’ve always told my kids that I really want to become friends with their teachers. My kids usually frown at that, but I know that I also have a mission field in the schools if I want to take it on. My kid’s teachers and Peach and I have a similar goal. We want to see Hannah, Micah and Naarah grow and learn. So why shouldn’t we work together? Peach and I often throw the phrase, “We’ll be praying for you,” around when talking to their teachers. It’s a seed planted. They know that we are Jesus followers and eventually they’ll know that we are part of a local church family. We ask how we can help them. We occasionally send them notes. We ‘connect’ so that we might ‘build a relationship that lasts forever.’


Does it matter if you have kids? No way! Volunteers are still needed to help kids learn to read, count, learn to cope with things, etc. All you have to do is ask. Believe me, if you call one of the schools and simply say, “Hey, I live in the area and I wondered where I could volunteer,” the secretary will think you’re crazy. They don’t often hear that! It’s so easy at that point to then say that you just want to serve like Jesus did. “Where can I help you?” can be your next phrase that pays.


Remember, Jesus asks us to care for the needs of those around us too…not to just ask someone to a worship service on the weekend. You can care for our community, your neighbors, through the school setting! Who will get the glory? Well, if you do your acts of service in humility, working as though you’re doing it for Christ, then He will receive the glory.


So, the takeaway? God out this next week, evaluate your schedule, and call up a school and see how you can serve. That’s all it takes. You just might find that someone is amazed enough to ask you why you do it. You’ll have an answer ready. It’s all about Jesus.


Ecclesiastes 3:11 “….he has set eternity in the hearts of men…” And you can help even someone who’s never walked into a worship service understand what that eternity means. Go for it!

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