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1 Timothy 4:12

I absolutely love this verse. It’s one that I’ve held on to personally throughout the years. It’s also one that I try to instill into hearts and minds of those that I teach…the little ones and the young adults. You know what? God works with all of us and through all of us.


As I’ve been through 20 years of youth ministry, I’ve seen a lot of stuff. Not much throws me. I’ve talked with kids who were working through struggles including suicide, drug abuse, death, abuse, self esteem, prescription drugs, sexual choices, lifestyle choices, grades, weight, depression, etc. etc. Not much throws me. Not much surprises me. Paul wrote that we are all sinners. But there is one thing that continues to baffle me.


This one thing is not just something that teens/students struggle with, it is something that we adults struggle with as well. It’s that we can make a difference and that God can use us. Our life can be the Gospel to people around us. Our choices can leak God principles to our friends. Our words and values can transmit “Jesus’ ways” to everyone watching and listening. This is what we were made for!


Paul writes to Timothy that he is not to allow people to ‘thumb’ him down just because he is young. Kid’s have such an incredible platform…and most don’t realize it. If they can internalize the fact that if they can influence their friends for Jesus, the choices their friends make and values they catch will likely stick with them through life. Most of our personal principles were caught when we were all in our teens and 20’s. That doesn’t mean that we can’t change later, this is just based on stats. Check out Barna online if you want more stats about the teen years.


Friends we were made to make a difference…Blessed 2 Bless! If we can discipline ourselves to know God deeper each and every day, ask Him to help us with our choices, ask Him to see with His eyes, then we can make a huge difference. The Peace that Passes Understanding will fill our hearts as we begin to know that people around us are ‘catching’ God’s values through our actions and words.


Kids! Don’t let people or the Devil think that you are not valuable to the Kingdom. It is an absolute lie! I’ve seen 5 year olds influence their parents to join up with a Christian community and change their life! Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young.


I Twittered this recently. “If we want to make a difference for Jesus, we must be different.” ~ Mark Paul (elder at Emmanuel Christian Church, Massillon, Ohio


Love-Serve-Spread the Word, ed

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