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A New Way for Christmas

Can it already be the Christmas season?  I’m not really comfortable with fast things are moving now…or at least how they seem to be moving now.  This year, more than ever, I’ve heard people around my circles saying with bewilderment, “You mean Thanksgiving Thursday is next week?”  I have an idea why it seems like this to so many of us.  Let me change that.  I have an idea of why it has snuck up on me.  I’ll simply assume that there are some of you out there that are like me and we’ll leave it at that.


When we look forward to something and plan for it, we are not caught by surprise.  When we are intentional about preparation, our outlook is different.  When we actually use our wall calendar or our appointment book like we should, haha, upcoming events that happen consistently each year are not a surprise anymore.


Christmas is right around the corner.  Ok…just for those of you who are like me, Christmas happens every year at the same time.  December 25th.  I know that shocks you like it shocks me.  Props out to my ancient friends who made that possible.  We should not be surprised by the 25th of December happening on the 25th of December.


How should we plan for this annual occasion of gift giving and receiving?  Here’s my take.  We should first plan for it being a season of remembering our Lord’s birth.  Jesus, King of the Kingdom, came from Heaven to be a human.  There’s something there to be celebrated.  He came to us…like us…to be present physically with us…to die for us.


Presents are something we’ve put into the equation.  And now we have every store on the planet reminding us of that fact.  The lie that has been created is that Christmas isn’t Christmas without presents.  Can we give meaningful gifts and needful things to friends, family and strangers?  Sure.  I think it’s honorable to do that…even Christlike.  We need to just remember that Jesus was born whether or not Johnny gets a 27” LCD flatscreen under his Norwegian Fir Tree decorated with LED energy efficient ‘holiday’ lights bought on sale at Home Depot.


Here’s a goal I think will help all of us PLAN a bit better.  Well, let me just tell you what we’re doing at our house.  We’re wanting to put the focus of the gift giving less on us and more outside of our home.  We’ve talked to our kids about only receiving 1 or 2 gifts each this year.  Everything else will go towards adopting another child.  I think another goal that we’re going to implement is that we have no net gain in household “stuff.”  In fact, I’d like to see a net drop in household stuff.  The tree does not need to be hidden behind packages.  Jesus was born.  That’s the important thing.


Who’s with me?  Here’s what the baby in the manger says, “What will you gain, if you own the whole world but destroy yourself? What would you give to get back your soul?” (Matthew 16:26)

Merry Christmas!  Say it loud!  Say it proud!…and then explain why you’re so excited about Jesus,



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