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What is the definition of eternity?
Four blondes in four cars at a four way intersection.

I know when some of you see me, you’re going to hit me…Becca Miller/Caite Hayes.

Have you ever tried to think about eternity? I mean, when you hear the verses of Scripture talking about angels singing “forever,” what do you think about? When God says that He’s always been and always will be…what the heck does that mean? Can we even begin to wrap our mind around a subject that foreign? I think we should try. I just took two Tylenol so I can begin to think about writing out thoughts of eternity. Haha.

Steve and I have been throwing things…well, not things, just ideas back and forth over how to simply talk about eternity. Here’s my shot at it. Let’s first ask the question, “Why should we care?”

Is Heaven something you really, really want? You’ve got to answer that question. Is it something that you’re willing to give everything up for? How bad you want it really matters too. As I look at Jesus’ life, everything he did lead to Heaven. It wasn’t that mentoring the disciples was just a piece of his life here on planet earth. Jesus didn’t divide his life’s pie up into sections such as, 20% Carpenter, 20% Son of Joseph and Mary, 20% Mentor to Twelve Guys, 20% Public Reader at the Temple, 20% Son of God. Everything he did and said mattered for eternity. He, by choice, placed himself in God’s hands and his father’s plans so that we could see a glimpse of God and eternity. Remember, Jesus, as creator, place eternity in the hearts of men. This according to the man/author Solomon who was given the wisdom of God (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

So if someone came up to you and said, “Explain eternity to me,” how would you respond? As a Christian, we have to have an answer. “I don’t know” won’t get it. If we are serious about building a relationship with a Heavenly Father who dwells in eternity, then we need to have an inkling of why we serving this God.

Can you see that I’m struggling with this subject as I try to write this out? Haha. Yep, you got it.

Let me run through some things that come into my mind as I look for evidence of people who I think understood eternity. Paul. Paul, I think, understood eternity. When he met Jesus on his way to persecute more Christians, something huge changed in Paul’s understanding of eternity. When Peter stood, at Pentecost, in front of thousands of skeptical people, and spoke the whole Gospel, I can tell that Peter was experiencing eternity. When Peter and John stood before the Sanhedrin hearing threats of jail and more, they didn’t back down…even told those that could have them executed that nothing would stop them from talking about Jesus, I think that they knew they were living in eternity. When Stephen was being stoned for telling people about Jesus I think he understood eternity. As he took his last breath he said, “God, forgive them because they don’t know what they’re doing.” When Paul writes the he was able to say kill me now or later, fine. Now I get to Heaven faster! Later, I take more people with me. I think Paul was conscience of eternity.

I think back to when the church first started. The book of Acts records that “everyone had everything together.” They shared everything. They met together, talked together, and lived like a humongous family. Communism? No. Kingdom of God? Yes. They were experiencing a glimpse of eternal living here on this planet.

When Jesus says that he can give us “life more abundant,” what’s that mean? I think it means that we can…it’s a promise!…experience eternity here on this earth. When the biblical authors talk about us being strangers and aliens here…that this place is not our home…they are talking about us being in the eternal Kingdom. It’s a present condition. It’s not something that we have to wait for after death. Getting a glimpse of eternity WILL change everything for you.

When we are able to get there…to push through…to battle Satan for our mind, people will see that there is something different about us. We have a peace that passes ‘human’ understand. We will look weird. The world will say things about us…some will ask more questions. But the point is, God wants us in eternity because He knows that it is how it was suppose to from the beginning. Adam and Eve experienced eternity and being, by choice, moved out of eternity. Can u imagine their anguish…and the Creator’s as well? It’s what we were created for. Eternity is set in the hearts of men…that’s you and me. We need to pursue it with everything we have…even if it baffles us.


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