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Getting Dunked

Having an allergic reaction to something…I’m stoked up on Benedryl right now…so I have no idea if this will have the normal 100’s of spelling errors or 1000’s.  🙂

We’re going to jump right into this one.  The coming of Jesus ushered in a whole new season in the timeline of history.  It was talked about all through the Old Testament.  Malachi calls it the Great Day of the Lord.  In my estimation, he may have very well called it the Greatest day of the Lord.  It was the day Jesus became priest and king over a new Kingdom being born.

In the Old Testament, a priest could only go before God after ceremonially washing…a baptism of sorts (Numbers 19:7-9, Exodus 19:5-15).  It was a picture of coming clean before entering the presence of God.  God instructed his people (His chosen Priesthood) to clean up before coming before Him.  He instructed His priests of the O.T. to wash and be patient for a time before coming before Him…He is Holy.  We are not.

Does water wash away sin?  No.  There is nothing magical in water.  It is the act of being obedient to what God asks that takes away sin.  Other than that, I can’t explain it.  As Forest Gump wisely said, “And that’s all I have to say about that.”

Jesus chose to be baptized.  He was becoming our Priest…The Priest of priests.  He carried the Good News from the Father to us so that we might carry it and give it away as well.  We are therefore…priests (1 Peter 2:5, Numbers 19:7-9).  We need to walk the same path as the priests before us.  As Jesus put it, ““Let it be so now; it is proper for us to do this to fulfill all righteousness” (Matthew 3:15).   As we are baptized, we are fulfilling the prophesies of the O.T.  Way cool!  You’re baptism was talked about thousands of years ago!

So what is the Great Day?  It is the day when God’s Kingdom was established with a new High Priest…Jesus.  It is also the day you enter that Kingdom as a priest of the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Baptism is a picture of getting “cleaned up” as you come before God to serve His Son the King.  It is a picture of a crossing-over.  You are making your mark before men.  It’s something to put on the calendar.  It’s a picture of you putting away, actually putting to death..killing and burying the old self and having the NEW person rise (Romans 6:4).  God then creates something new in us.  Again, does the water do that?  No, God does all this through our obedience to do something radical for Him.

Wow, you might be asking, “Am I that important?”  Yes, you are that important in the Kingdom.  God calls you to be a priest.  You’re not just a church service attendee anymore.  You’re not just a “member” of your local church family.  You are part of God’s Kingdom.  You now carry the holiest of all things, the truth of salvation.  You…as you go through your day are a priest!  You’re not just the lady who works in a cubicle.  You are a cubicle working priest in the Kingdom.  You’re not just a student.  You’re a student and a priest under the direction of the creator of the universe.  If that doesn’t “WoW” you I’m not sure what else can.  You are in the Kingdom led by a person that died and then came back to life.  You are in a Kingdom with a God who gives you His spirit so that you have access to His power, wisdom, words, strength, courage, emotional stability, and more each and every minute of every day.  Yes, He gives it all to you so you can use it.  Are you using it?  Do you see miracles around you…simply because you’re there?  It is possible…the Bible says so.  Jesus said, “…anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father” John 14:12.

Why should you choose baptism?  Well, I like to look at things simply.  If the Bible asks us to do it (Acts 2:38), and Jesus said it was good for us to do (Matthew 3:15), it’s good enough for me.  It was good enough for new believers in the New Testament to do, and it’s probably good for me too.  Actually…it’s something I do to show God I trust Him…and that putting myself out there to say that He can trust me too.

If you’re not baptized, I hope you consider it.  It is something special between you and your Lord.  It is your ceremonial washing before you enter the priesthood of the Creator King.  Isn’t that cool!?

Questions to consider:

  • Why do we find debate about baptism?  If one reads…simply reads through the New Testament, one will find that baptism was the mark of the believers in the New Church.  It’s was Peter asked us to do.  It’s what Philip encouraged the Ethiopian to do.  It’s what Paul did and what he preached.  Why wouldn’t we do what Peter and Paul said to do?  People were asking them what they should do to become part of this incredible Kingdom.  Baptism was always a part of that new part of their life.
  • How can we make it more special and less “just part of” any church’s Sunday morning service?
  • Do you think it pleases our Lord when we just say, “Yes” to His requests no matter how weird they look?  Have you been willing?  This question goes beyond baptism.  It actually goes to all sorts of things that are going to look ‘foreign’ and ‘alien’ to the world we live in.  Baptism, as I read, is just the first step…the beginning.
  • Do we really understand why we need this picture of “becoming clean” before God?  Do we understand that we are going to be carrying the most Holy message ever to be placed in our hands?  Do we see how we need to have sin far from us so that we can be right there, close to God and His Spirit so we can be best directed anywhere we are whether at work, at school, driving down the exit ramp (Ted William’s Golden Voice story…wow!)  God’s redemptive work is happening all the time…He wants it to happen through you!  You’re incredibly and amazingly valuable to God.

Love, Serve, Spread the Word,


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