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2 B Foolish or Wise … That is THE Question

2 B

Foolish or Wise …

That is THE Question




You will probably want to read the short passage, Matthew 7:24-27, before reading the rest of this article.  Most all of us have heard the story Jesus pulls out of his hat.  However, many don’t hear the fact that Jesus separates everyone who hears this story into two camps.  Fools & Wise.  There are times when I read the Bible and can picture Jesus saying something sternly.  Sometimes I picture Him having a little grin.  Sometimes I imagine tears and sometimes I picture Him belly laughing.  I’m not sure here.  The story is simple, yet given what He just said in 7:21, very serious.  My guess is that the crowd is nearly in silence, thinking through what Jesus just said about judgement.  I can see Jesus saying this little parable with a slight smile, but there’s still silence in the crowd.  They now just have another great image of what life without the man standing front of them will be like.  They just have to accept His words as truth or walk away from it.

Have you noticed that in the previous couple paragraphs of Matthew 7, Jesus lays out a black and white plan?  There’s not much grey area in what He’s saying.  You either enter into one gate or the other (13-14).  You’re either producing good fruit or bad fruit (v. 16).  Many will call “Lord, Lord…” yet many who think they know God will not be known by Him.  Now we have one of only two foundations.  Rock or sand.  And if you notice how Jesus says this, He says, “…the rock.”  It’s not just any rock.

Foundations are essential.  In the Sr. High group, we recently watched a video detailing the life of three teens.  The first teen was a girl who had a boyfriend.  She loved this boy.  She compromised values for him.  She talked late at night to him.  She waited patiently in the hall between classes for him.  He was her life.  One day she found him in by his locker talking with another girl…not just any conversation.  Soon thereafter he broke up with her.  Her foundation was weak…in fact her foundation was him.  When he left, life fell apart.  The second student was an incredible athlete being chased by colleges for his basketball skills.  He knew he was good and dreamt of fame and success with his ability.  And he was good.  During one game, he stepped wrong towards the basket and blew out his knee.  When the scouts heard about his injury the phone calls and college letters stopped.  The rest of the season was gone.  His life fell apart.  Athletics and his God given abilities were his foundation.  There now was no foundation and life fell apart.

The third boy was a teen who had a relationship with Christ.  He wasn’t perfect, but in everything he did, he tried to imagine that he was doing it for God.  His studies were to please God.  How he handled his friendships were to please God.  How he stayed active in his local church family was meant to please God.  One day this young boy came home and was called into the living room by his parents.  They were sitting on opposite sides of the couch with scared looks on their faces.  The words “…it’s not you, it’s us…” came out of their mouths.  His parents were telling him that they were separating.  His family was falling apart in front of his eyes.  Life changing?  Yes.  Foundation crumbling?  Not at all.  His family was important, but it was not his foundation.  Christ was his foundation.  When family fell apart, his foundation stood strong.  Christ didn’t leave.  Christ became his strength where he had none.

Is your house built on The Rock or on sand?  It’s a rather simple question.  Jesus said there will be rain, wind and flooding waters.  Will you choose to be wise or foolish?  Remember, according to this story, there are only two foundations.  They are already there waiting for you to build on…connect to…tie your life to.  Which will you choose?

Questions for Growth:

  • What takes up most of your time?
  • What takes up most of your money?
  • What takes up most of your energy?
  • What do you dwell on?
  • Are you focused on Heaven or on Earth?
  • Do these things that you spend time, money and energy on create a stronger link to The Rock or to something else?
  • …connecting with last week’s article… What fruit is evident in your life that shows what foundation you’re building your life on?

Love, Serve, Spread the Word,


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