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Never Ever Forget

Never Forget – Exodus 12:24-28, Mark 14:12-26



The man of the house finally took all the disabled umbrellas to the repairer’s. Next morning on his way to his office, when he got up to leave the street car, he absentmindedly laid hold of the umbrella belonging to a woman beside him, for he was in the habit of carrying one.

The woman cried “Stop thief!” rescued her umbrella and covered the man with shame and confusion.

That same day, he stopped at the repairer’s, and received all eight of his umbrellas duly restored. As he entered a street car, with the unwrapped umbrellas tucked under his arm, he was horrified to behold glaring at him the lady of his morning adventure. Her voice came to him charged with a withering scorn:

“Huh! Had a good day, didn’t you!”



Forgetfulness.  It stinks…and I’m and expert.  I walk into a room and forget why I’m there.  I often forget which jacket I place my car keys in.  I put receipts in my wallet so I won’t forget what they were for, only to forget that I need to look at them and months later thumb through them with confusion.  I try to use a calendar…but I forget where I put it last.  Sticky notes?  Yes, I put them in lots of places…but forget to look at them.  Names?  Let’s not even go there.  I’m sure I’m not the only one in this situation.  Call it stress related, sleep related, busyness related…I’m forgetful.  Many of us struggle with this.


In kid’s worship, when we have communion time, the question is asked weekly why we take the bread and the juice.  The overwhelming answer is “to remember.”  And that’s the reason.  Way back in the book of Exodus, we see the Lord giving Moses and his fellow Israelites instructions on the Passover meal.  This meal was to be eaten on a specific evening as the “death angel” made his way through Egypt.  The blood of the Passover Lamb, sacrificed for this specific meal, was to be painted around the door frame of each house.  As the angel of God passed through the area, He would pass over those houses covered by the blood…saving that house from pain and heartache.  God also instructed to the Israelites that this meal, this ceremony, would be a lasting ordinance practiced regularly.  Why?  To never forget about what God did.


Many years later, Jesus is about to experience this meal and ceremony with His friends in an upper room in Jerusalem.  Mark 14 records this event.  During the meal, that was specially prepared as the Lord commanded in the book of Exodus, Jesus picks up some bread and some wine, blesses them, and calls for the disciples to remember Him now whenever they experience this meal.  Why?  Because He didn’t want them to forget what was about to happen.  He was about to become the perfect lamb sacrificed for us.  His blood would now cover us from the consequence of sin.


Another question that we always ask in kid’s worship at our church is this, “Who remembered Jesus every minute of last week?”  A couple well meaning kids often raise their hands.  They want to be able to do this because they instinctively know it’s the right thing to do…to remember Jesus.  But the truth is the truth.  None of us think about Jesus and His love and His grace every minute of every day.  We’re forgetful.  However, we’ve been given a gift.  The book of Acts record that the new Christians met regularly remembering Jesus and His sacrifice for their souls.


So the question is this.  Do we remember?  Do we take time on a regular basis to remember Him?  It doesn’t matter how a specific church family does this, the point is to remember.  Weeks after the horrific events of 9-11, bumper stickers and posters and banners and buttons started popping up everywhere across our country.  Remember what they said?  Never Forget!  We are called to never forget our Jesus, His sacrifice, and the redemption that He freely offers us.


Deuteronomy 6:12 “…be careful that you do not forget the Lord.”


Love, Serve, Spread the Word,



Questions for Growth:

  • Have you remembered Jesus every minute since last week?  Ok, that’s a question to center us.
  • Since we forget about Jesus, our very Creator, controller of the universe, able to make the sun stand still and judge our very soul, what do we do to help us remember?  What can we do?  Read Deuteronomy 6:1-12.
  • If we were to remember Jesus more often, how would that change our lives…our choices…our words?
  • Should we simply pass this off as forgetfulness?  Or should we be proactive?  Eternity hangs in the balance…maybe remembering that will helps us…remember.
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