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Palm Sunday

Why do you remember?  It’s the beginning of whats known as the Passion Week.  But why do you celebrate?  Why do you take time, if you do, to remember Jesus?

We often go through this week recognizing the events, moving through the motions as our heritage or tradition dictate….but why?

I believe its simple.  We forget.  In our day to day schedules we become caught up in all thing ‘us.’ Jesus, when around the table at what we commonly refer to as The Last Supper, asked his friends to remember Him when they celebrated the Passover. 

He created us (John 1:1-3) and He knows that we struggle with sin and Satan’s strategies against us.  Regularly being mindful of Him and the grace we need might very well keep us in the right frame of mind to be a faithful servant to our King, and a faithful servant to our neighbors.

Remember well.  Let it drive you to pleasing our Lord.

Love, Serve, Spread the Word,

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