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A Reminder of your Trade.

The disciples of Christ witnessed what was probably a mind blowing and heart wrenching event.  Together with Jesus, they ate the Passover meal together, worshiping the Lord and His salvation.  It was to their amazement that as they worshiped and ate, the Son of God was moving His Father’s plan to a new phase…a New Covenant with mankind.

The events that followed that meal stretched them beyond what they were used to.  Jesus, on a normal day, would challenge them with unseen truth consistently.  But the next few days would be the biggest test of whether they truly believed and were truly committed.  In the end, after witnessing the near death beating of Jesus, His public humiliation as He drug His own cross on His bloodied back through the streets, His public execution on a hill outside the city, and His return to them in full body and spirit, they had to make a decision.  Were they committed to this cause or not?  The final piece of evidence was in.

The disciples were called by Jesus personally.  And they did leave many things behind for the period of about three years to follow and learn from Him.  Now the scenario was shifting.  They were going to be the leaders.  This movement of God rested on their decision to step up to the plate again.  They did.

Can you imagine what each communion time meant to them?  The book of Acts tells us that the early church met regularly to  ‘break bread’ together…to remember Jesus’ sacrifice.  Paul later writes in 1 Corinthians that when we get together to share the bread and juice, that we do it in a way where we truly remember the reason for it.  Sometimes we’re so far removed from the events of those few days that it doesn’t resonate with us.  Is it holy for us?  Have we come to a point, personally, where we’ve decided fully what the evidence shows?  There is no body in the grave.  We can trade everything about us for everything about Him.  Does your communion time help you remember what you’ve traded for, what you’ve willfully given up and the mission you’re on?  Or is it just a snack that you eat out of tradition?

For the disciples and the early church, I think it was a remembrance of what they had given up and more so what they had gained.  They knew without a doubt who and what they had committed to.  They were committed to their Creator. This world was no longer their home and destiny, and they had a mission to help others know these truths as fast as they could.  When they broke bread together, they remembered the Jesus who traded everything for their sake.  The bread and the juice now remind them that they are on a mission to trade their live’s for the sake of those around them…just as their best friend did for them.

So what are you reminded of at ‘communion’ time?  Do you simply say a short prayer asking God to forgive you for everything evil you did last week?  Do you look at a cross for focus?  Do you wonder if the juice is past it’s ‘freshness’ date?  Do you bow your head because the people around you are doing the same thing?  Or…do you take it fully known what you’ve left behind and what you’ve committed yourself to?  Do you take it thinking about the battles that will happen through coming days…and that you’re ready for it?  Do you take it asking God to show you things that you yet need to trade or sacrifice?  Do you take it truly saying, “I want to be like Jesus and look like Jesus and sound like Jesus no matter what happens?

You see, I don’t believe that Jesus wants us to just ‘remember.’  There needs to be a purpose in remembering.  And I don’t believe it’s just to remember how blessed we are or how forgiven we are.  Those things are great!  Don’t get me wrong!  But shouldn’t knowing those things drive us to ‘do’ something different outside of ourselves…unselfishly.  I think that when we break bread together, we remember that life not about us…about me, me, me.  It’s about the team we’re on, the church, and who we’re on mission for.  It’s completely about the mission to help people see the chance for forgiveness and eternal life.  The Lord’s Supper may very well be a sacred and reverent rally cry for us, Jesus’ army, the church.  It is to remember how lowly we are and how desperately in need of the sacrifice of Jesus we are.  It is to remind us that without Him we were nothing…and now that He as made us new, to move forward with grace and power and with His Spirit.  It’s to remember what He traded for us and what we choose daily to trade for His glory.

Love, Serve, Spread the Word!



Questions for Growth:

  • Do you consider the Lord’s Supper holy and sacred?
  • If yes, how does cause you to approach it?
  • Does remembering Jesus death, resurrection and example through the cross cause you to reflect on how you’re living and how you will live through the next days or weeks?  Short version…Is it a point of change for you?
  • What will you do this week to help you prepare more for your next time of “breaking of bread” with your church family so you can make it more holy and still more productive for you…as Christ intended it.
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